Scholarship Program

The vision of this program is to provide educational assistance to the children in need as well as looking after their mental and physical health.


Sponsor a kids

Around 258 million children in the world do not go to school. A large number of children are as yet denied their entitlement to education on account of poverty. Donate for the training of helpless kids and backing them with necessities like educational expenses, school supplies, footwear, transport, etc. Help them assemble a future that will make them get away from destitution passed from generation to generation.

Mentoring and Assistance in Career

Mentoring is a process of developing formal relationships between the junior and senior members of the organization. Making collective efforts in improving the quality of education at different levels, through programs developed based on the needs of the children in the communities is what is required.

Organize Vocational Training

We organize vocational training for the underprivileged section of society. Providing vocational training, Guidance and Resource is a primary objective. When a young child learns an ability, their life changes in more than one way. A positive environment of learning infuses much confidence in them for winning over the challenges in life and they can find jobs very easily.

Scholarship for Higher Education

We believe that education is every kid’s God-given right and every kid should be allowed to have access to education. Hopeful youthful grown-ups who can't bear the cost of these expenses may pass up seeking after advanced education, the way into a way out of neediness. Every child must have equal access to a quality education because it determines the quality of life in the nation.

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