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Help a child untie the knots of poverty through our donation online. Let us all get together to gift a better life to that child for low month to month and yearly contributions. Your donation ensures that the children receive education, healthcare/ medical services as well as nutritional support, and all the life-changing benefits through every phase of his/her life.
Help a child find the delight of learning and join with us in our endeavors to place Every Child in School, the place where they belong!

What you will get:

A memory to cherish- you will receive the biodata and a picture of the child, a remembrance in honor of the donation you made for giving the child a better life.

Report/Progress card and a note of thanks from the child- To ensure the money you donated is benefitting the child’s growth, you will receive their grade card every 6 months with a note expressing their greetings and love.

Individual Meeting- You can meet the child at the school personally. (It’s always a pleasure to be the reason for someone’s smile)

The joy of satisfaction is greater than any other feeling and cannot be collated with something else. It gives you immense pleasure to ensure someone of having a better-brighter future.


Sponsor a kids

Every child is special and it’s our responsibility to ensure that we contribute to their better future. Sponsoring their education can lead to a better society! The more we focus on development while making education a priority- the path created for the future generation is improved and secured.

Scholarship for Higher Education

Education is the foundation of a child’s life. Being educated enables individuals to think, feel, and carry on in a way that adds to their prosperity, and improves their own fulfillment as well as their community. Every child deserves to learn and grow in life. We accept that education is each child's right and each of them shall have access to education. The children who can't manage the cost of these expenses might not be able to pursue higher education, the way in a way out of destitution
Category Charge
Primary School Children $100 to $200
Secondary School Children $300 to $400
Higher Secondary School Children $500 to $600

Organize Vocational Training

We organize vocational training for the underprivileged section of society. Once a young adult learns a skill, his or her life changes in more than one way. A positive environment of learning infuses much confidence in them for winning over the challenges in life and they can find jobs very easily.
Their success not only helps them and their families but also serves as an inspiration to others and helps us realize our dream of helping needy members of society who only need a little support and a platform to show and prove their caliber. This initiative of Vocational training for the underprivileged is very important to raise employment, social equality, and sustainable development, also allowing these children to pursue financial independence and help in their skill development so that they can live a life of dignity and respect.

Mentoring and Assistance in Career

Mentoring is a process of developing formal relationships between the junior and senior members of the organization. Making collective efforts in improving the quality of education at different levels, through programs developed based on the needs of the children in the communities is what is required.
Our mission is to empower children from low-income groups by providing them with strong role-models in the form of mentors. The mentors, who need to be above 18 years of age, must be willing to devote their sufficient time for mentoring and working with the child to develop life skills just as open them to a world external to their communities. We aim to see a transformation among children in areas like academic motivation, self-esteem, and social attitudes. What’s special is that one-on-one relationships give the children individualized attention and allow for strong relationships to be formed.
We also aim to hone their skills such as time management, critical thinking, self-awareness, empathy, and assertiveness as they are imperative to meet the challenges of professional life.

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